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Welcome to MyPal, we have over 50 years of expertise

July 16, 2024

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Customisation of design

With over 50 years of experience MyPal merges materials technology
with innovation in design to be at the leading edge of pallet development.

Our Products
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Mypal- 4way pallet/ 4way plastic pallet/ 4way composite pallet 1

4 Way Pallets

Achieve performance levels with MyPal not achieved
previously with plastic.

Our Products
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Mypal- nestable pallet/ nestable plastic pallet/ nestable composite pallet

Nestable Pallets

With innovation in design and high performance levels
achieved MyPal exceeds customer expectation.

Our Products
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Mypal- Euro pallet/ Euro plastic pallet/ Euro composite pallet/ Euro Nestable Pallet

Euro Pallets

MyPal Euro Nestable plastic pallets achieves a high nesting ratio ideal for shipping goods.

Our Products
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4 way Pallets

  • Size: 1165mm x 1165mm
  • Weight: 20 kgs
  • Edge Rackable Load 1500kgs
  • Rackable Load 2500kgs
  • Dynamic Load: 2500 kgs
  • Static Load: 10 tonne
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Nestable Pallets

  • Size: 1100mm x 1100mm
  • Weight: 11 kgs
  • Nesting Ratio of 4 to 1
  • Rackable Load 1200kgs
  • Dynamic Load: 2000 kgs
  • Static Load: 10 tonne
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Euro Plastic Pallet/ Euro Pallet/ Euro Composite Pallet 1

Euro Pallets

  • Size: 1140mm x 760mm
  • Weight: 10 kgs
  • Payload Capacity: 2000 kgs
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Custom made pallet1

Custom Made Pallets

Talk to MyPal about your unique requirements, MyPal will design, engineer and manufacture the raw materials and pallets to suit your unique requirement. There are many types of plastics which can be blended into a composite to meet unique properties needed to suit different applications.
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About Us

MyPal is the part of the CME Group. The Company currently operates from two manufacturing sites in Bayswater in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The company has been supplying moulded composite parts since the 1970s.

CME formulates, manufactures, and compression moulds long glass fibre composite materials. A composite material can be defined as a combination of a matrix and a reinforcement, which when combined provides properties superior to the individual components. In the case of a composite, the reinforcement is the fibres which are used to fortify the matrix in strength and stiffness.

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Impervious To Liquids

Timber is absorptive by nature, and liquids penetrating timber raise the risk of cross-contamination and transmission of pathogens, like E.coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.


MyPal is more durable than other plastic pallets 10+year’s lifetime.

Right in Racking

More rigid- not susceptible to creep under load, making it usable in some applications where other plastics are not, particularly in racking.

Lower Transport Expense

MyPal pallets are lighter weight than comparable plastic pallets and reducing fuel consumption in transport.

No Nails or Splinters

Studies commissioned by the FDA have found that “broken boards and popped nails” in timber pallets are a risk factor in food contamination. MyPal leads to less damage and fewer rejected loads damage and fewer rejected loads.

Less Products Damage

With no protruding nails or splinters and no gaps between slats products are less susceptible to damage.

Track & Trace System Integrates

  • Serialized product data
  • Trading partner relationships
  • Product master data
  • Supply chain events
  • Temperature management
  • Leverages business rules to :
    • Display chain of custody
    • Provide actionable reporting
    • Manage recalls
    • Manage expirations

No Pesticides or Fungicides

Timber is susceptible to insect infestation and plastic is not. MyPal platforms are never treated with pesticides or fungicides, including TBP and TBA.

Mypal- 4 way pallet, nestable pallet, euro pallet, custom made pallet

Why Choose Us?


Over 50 years in the composite manufacturing industry.


Customer service focused team.


Work close with MyPal engineers to develop a pallet unique to your circumstances.

Quality Products Create Confidence

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