The MyPal pallets showed lower environmental impacts for all the 13 impact categories for transport, usage and waste/disposal phases, compared to the polled wooden pallets and plastic pallets. The transportation phase for MyPal pallets showed significant environmental benefits compared to both wooden pallets and plastic pallets due to the longer life cycle period, light weight and low repair requirements of the pallet. The environmental impact from the energy consumption of the MyPal pallets was higher than the wooden pallet however was lower than that of plastic pallet. The usage phase of the MyPal pallets also had a substantially smaller environmental footprint than the wooden pallets and plastic pallets due to the high number of trips per pallet compared with the wooden and plastic pallets. The waste/disposal phase at the end of the life of MyPal pallets showed almost zero impacts due to the complete recyclability of the material to regenerate new pallets or other products.

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